The Erasmus project DESTINE (DivErSity and Tolerance IN E-Environment) was born with the aim of promoting an online VET that ensures support for diversity, inclusion and tolerance, providing the necessary tools for all professionals and students to adapt to the e-learning methodology. DESTINE focuses especially on those Vocational Education and Training students who need a learning environment adapted to their needs.


  • To introduce ways of efficiently adapting traditional classrooms to the new digital learning environment, safeguarding the values of diversity and tolerance.
  • To train VET teachers/trainers/educators to acquire the skills and competences to develop innovative educational activities and methods that promote diversity and tolerance in the virtual classroom environment.  
  • Promote the attractiveness of VET by fostering the innovative transformation of online teaching and distance learning.  
  • To provide education that embraces diversity and tolerance and is inclusive for all. 


  • Creation of an online learning platform containing material focusing on tolerance and diversity methods.
  • Implementation of innovative educational activities, tools and methods through Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • Development of a freely accessible toolkit for teachers, trainers and mentors, as well as interested learners, to be uploaded on the E-Learning Platform.
  • Development of a cooperative environment between institutions, facilitating the creation of synergies and transnational cooperation.
  • Compilation of good practices of entities from several countries as success stories, developing a guide of success stories.